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A Tour? and some Spiders.

Memorial Day was so crowded, I nearly died.

Bill had me give a tour to two people who were thinking of joining... HOW do you give a TOUR of Woodlin? Everything there is to see can be seen from the upper deck. It was so awkward, and I feel like I messed it up really badly. They asked a bunch of old-people questions, like, "Is it quiet here usually?" "Are there places to just sit and relax, or is it really crowded?" "Do kids play near the lap lanes?" I sorta lied and said that kids didn't really interfere with people swimming laps. Whatever. Bill woulda said the same thing... although that probably means it was the wrong thing to do.

I've never seen as many spiders as I did yesterday. There was one practically attacking me on the chair-- it was one of those jumping ones. Finally John came along and I made him take it away. He SAVED my LIFE. There was one on Holly's sunglasses while they were on her head. That made me jumpy all day.

I'm not working for two whole days. WHAT am I going to DO with myself?
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