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Good luck, Bad luck.

bad luck: i set my alarm for 8:30... PM, instead of AM.
good luck: i'm not working the swim lessons this session, so the only thing that i missed was practice.

bad luck: i had no idea that i was working at 3:00 instead of 3:30.
good luck: i got there at 3:15, and it was still pouring so that neither bill nor joanne had been in the bungalow at any point to notice that i wasn't there. Erica was working till 3, but she left early, which means that even if i'd been on time, she wouldn't have seen me. SO the only people that knew i was retardedly late were like... lindsay, tiff, stef, and chelsea-- none of whom cared. that's not good luck-- that's a miracle.

good luck: it rained like a mofo today.
bad luck: the second it hit 3:30, it cleared up.

good luck: even the buzashes went home.
bad luck: there was a pool party. for rec soccer boys between the ages of like 13 and 15.

bad luck: the pool party was the party from HELL. HELL!! John came over to me after he was done siwmming laps, and said "They don't help the stereotypes for my gender at all. they're VIKINGS! they rowed up in a big ship-- it's anchored up there, i'm parked right next to it. if people start getting sick, we'll know they spread the scurvy." that cracked me up, and made it easier to deal with their shit... i mean... they're vikings, they can't help it.
good luck: the vikings set sail for iceland at 7:30. we were outta there by 7:40, and i was home extra early.

so yeah. that was my day. with Leif Ericsson.
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